Baked camembert with thyme and toast

What do you have for dinner tonight? If there is still no idea, then here are our recommendations – baked camembert with thyme and toast. This recipe is the perfect solution for a quick dinner! Prepared quickly, looks amazing, and its taste is unusual, delicate and bright. Try to surprise your family, save the recipe to not lose it! Ingredients:...


Vegetable smoothie

Today, smoothies are the choice of many athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle. Such a healthy food is appreciated for the feeling of satiety, as well as for the opportunity to fill the body with natural vitamins and useful minerals. So, what do you think about smoothies? We believe that this is a great option both for starting the day and...


Baozi steamed dumplings

Exploring more and more new culinary tastes, you cannot bypass Asian cuisine. Let's join the national Chinese cuisine and prepare a traditional dish - dumplings. We launch # DumplingMarathon_Wilmax and prepare one of the traditional dishes of the Celestial cuisine - Baozi steam dumplings. Baozi steamed dumplings. Ingredients for the dough:...


Watermelon and melon appetizer salad

While the time for fragrant melons and watermelons is not over yet, and we suggest preparing a delicious snack, which, if desired, can easily become a salad. Stylish serving on white porcelain dishes from the  Wilmax Julia collection will not leave anyone indifferent! Ingredients: 200 g watermelon; 200 g melon; 100 g turkey...