Colour your life!

It's with great pleasure that we are proud to announce the release of our new Wilmax video! “Colour your life” is the slogan developed by our creative team during the process of producing this video. Press play and get inspired with us!

Choose your favourite colour: sunny yellow, cool blue or passionate red – the list of available colours in the Wilmax palette is truly wide. «Scratch» the yellow, «Spiral» the green, «Splash» on some red And mix plates of different colours on the table. Colour is your playground and you are the artist in the kitchen.

Enjoy serving with Wilmax Color Boom tableware!



Official marketplace of the international brand WILMAX England

WILMAX England tableware is English porcelain of excellent quality. A huge selection of classic porcelain tableware will allow you to choose exactly the one you like!

Following the current trends at  you will find stylish black porcelain dishes, a collection of colored dishes, as well as thermal glass, bamboo, cutlery, glasses and much more!

The WILMAX England marketplace is the official online platform for selling products of the brand of the same name, where buyers get access to a large number of originally produced goods in one place.

Advantages of the WILMAX marketplace:

  • convenience (all WILMAX products presented on the Russian market are collected in one place, and now you do not need to go to different sites to make purchases);
  • fair prices;
  • verified sellers;
  • a wide range of.

Order cycle on the WILMAX marketplace:

  • The client visits the site and selects the desired product names, payment method and supplier based on their preferences (for example, reaction).
  • The marketplace accepts the order and transmits the data to one (or several) suppliers.
  • Suppliers will arrange delivery.

  • Happy shopping!